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Formation of a Biological Company

Miriam Turner

In forming a functional company, the students will be able to identify biological concepts and facts through investigative procedures as well as:
  1. be able to apply biological concepts to environmental issues.

  2. recognize the impact of biological concepts on the food chain.

  3. understand the financial involvement of biological concepts.

  4. improve cooperative learning skills.
Heath Biology text Supplemental materials

Day 1

  1. Teacher presentation of biological concept ( 1 session)

  2. Handout of chapter/concept outline

  3. (homework) Assignment of reading/questions
Day 2
  1. Formation of company
    • President

    • Environmental specialist

    • Biological research engineer

    • Financial consultant

    • Government representative

  2. Explanation of job responsibilities

  3. Presentation of problem

  4. Presentation of problem questions

  5. (homework) Research of problem
Day 3

  1. Development of laboratory experience based on view/responsibilities of company position

  2. Company meeting to compare/adjust proposals

  3. (homework)Reevaluate laboratory experience and prepare procedure
Day 4
  1. Laboratory experiences in specific areas of company assignment

  2. (homework)Laboratory write-up per job assignment
Day 5-6
  1. Resolution of problem as cooperative group

  2. Preparation of group presentation
Day 7
  1. Wrap up of unit

  2. Evaluation through teacher selected activity

Role Responsibilities

President-director of company
  1. Responsible for setting company goals with company

  2. Responsible for understanding all aspects of problem

  3. Responsible for overall running of company
Environmental specialist
  1. Responsible for research on environmental issues of problem

  2. Responsible for meeting government regulations

  3. Responsible for implementation of solution
Biological research engineer
  1. Responsible for understanding biological concepts and facts

  2. Responsible for research related to biological functioning

  3. Responsible for presenting knowledge of future impact and changes of biological component
Financial consultant
  1. Responsible for cost analysis and long range cost planning for problem resolution

  2. Responsible for improving company financial status
Government representative
  1. Responsible for knowing government regulations regarding problem resolution

  2. Responsible for development of guidelines for company plans
Total Group Member Responsibilities
  1. Work cooperatively with each group member

  2. Thoroughly perform individual responsibilities

  3. Present required prepared material on deadline dates

  4. Verbally/written input from each group member
  1. Each group member will be graded individually for contribution

  2. Total group grade will be given for final presentation

  3. Individual grades will be given daily for participation/production

  4. Group grades will be given daily for cooperative participation/production

  5. Individual group member grades will be given for homework assignments
Grading Components (Extra Credit for exceptional contributions)
  1. Assignments 20%

  2. Group contributions by individuals 20%

  3. Daily individual grades 10%

  4. Daily group activity grades 10 %

  5. Final presentation by group 25%

  6. Individual Evaluation 15%

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