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You are ________________________________.
On __(date)__, you are to come to Biology class dressed as you would be to do some aspect of your job. On that day, you will, in 3-5 minutes, inform your classmates as to what you will be "doing today" if you were actually "on the job." You may be a person who is a modern biologist or you may be a biologist from the past. In order to complete your project, you will have to do some research on the accomplishments of your historical figure or on the duties and responsibilities of the modern biologist. If you are a modern biologist, you may also speculate about what your job might be like in the future. You may trade biologists with a classmate ONLY on the day the assignments are made. There is only one person assigned to each job/historical figure so there should be no competition for resource materials. You must use props/visual aids and costuming in your presentation.

You will fill in the above blank by drawing the name of a biologist or a career from the "Biology Bowls."



______research completed on person or career

______completion of notes to be used in the presentation

______props/poster/visual aids prepared (check for clarity/spelling)

______costume constructed/gathered

______practice to insure presentation meets time limits

______ready for presentation on (date)



You will be graded on the accuracy of your information as well as the quality and accuracy of your props or visual aids. Creativity in costuming and presentation is strongly encouraged. There is no written component to this assignment which must be handed in for grading.



  1. Attached is a list of sample careers and biologists. I usually put the careers in one "bowl" and the biologists in another. I allow each student to choose from the bowl of his/her choice.

  2. I instruct the students to not worry about the gender of their historical figure. Some students completely ignore it and others find clever ways to deal with it. One student came in dressed as Rosalind Franklin's brother and told about his sister's accomplishments.

  3. Also attached are a couple of evaluation forms I use. One gives me feedback from the students and the other allows me to give them feedback.

  4. Some unexpected benefits:
    • Since I do this in the first quarter, the students hear many of the names which they will encounter throughout the year.

    • The props and posters the students produce are often excellent visual aids which I use as the various topics come up during the year. The students are pleased when their posters resurface several weeks/months after the presentations.

    • Since I do this with freshman students during their first month or two of high school, it is another way to allow them to get to know each other. (Our freshmen come from several different schools.)

  5. The presentations usually take two days to complete. (I have three sections of twenty-four students each.)



Complete the statements:
  1. The hardest part of this project was...

  2. The part I enjoyed most was...

  3. The presentations were...

  4. Next year I would recommend that...





Visual aids ________________

Information ________________

Costume __________________

Other ____________________

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