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Book Report

The Hot Zone

Richard Preston

Four different mutant strains of the marburg-ebola virus group are presented in The Hot Zone. Using case histories, discuss each one by describing its symptoms, where the epidemic occurred, and the severity of the disease.

Another the Ebola virus was an epidemic is Sudan, it has yet to spread itself in developed countries, such as Europe and the U.S. How close were we (and are we still) to an actual outbreak of this disease? What laws do you think need to be created and enforced that would allow a nation to better control a spread of a serious disease?

Book reports must be written using proper grammar, and must include both an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph. The report must be authentic, in your own words; DO NOT PLAGERIZE. Direct quotes must be made and the reference must be properly quoted and footnoted. A properly written bibliography must be placed at the end of the report.

The report must be typed and double spaced with proper margins. The report should be 3 - 4 typed pages.

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