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Activity Description of "Patterns in Nature"

Title Patterns in Nature
Audience 10th grade biology and geometry students plus 4th grade classes
Abstract This lesson was part of a math/science project centered around patterns in nature. It involved fifty sophomore students who were all taking biology and geometry with the same two teachers for the last two hours of the day. It also involved two 4th grade classes at different elementary schools. Project topics included: fractals, Fibonacci numbers, whale and butterfly migration patterns, whale identification, flower patterns, fingerprints, planetary alignment, fossils, human body proportions, spider webs, bee and wasp nests, etc.
Author Peggy Welsh
Email pwelsh@jessamine.k12.ky.us
Unifying Concept Form and function
Science and Technology Understandings about science and technology
Science as Inquiry Understandings about scientific inquiry
History and Nature of Science
Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
Life, Physical, Earth Sciences Diversity and adaptations of organisms
Other Standards Science Teaching, Assessment, Science Education Program

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