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People Hunt-Biology

Heidi Haugen
Florin High School


Find someone who...

  1. knows what DNA stands for.

  2. can name the basic unit of life (smallest unit of life).

  3. has seen Beakman's World or another science show (Discovery Channel, etc...).

  4. has read a book or watched a movie that describes/illustrates science. Name of book/movie.

  5. can say 1, 2, 3,....10. in at least two languages.

  6. knows the name of an instrument scientists use to view tiny things.

  7. has been to an aquarium, the Exploratorium, or a museum in the last year.

  8. can name at least three careers in science.

  9. knows where the fire extinguisher is in the classroom.

  10. can name at least three famous scientists.

  11. can locate the emergency eye wash unit in the classroom.

  12. can name at least three parts of a cell.

  13. can name at least three characteristics of life.

  14. can name a reptile.

  15. knows how many chromosomes a human has.

* can name the five kingdoms of living things.
* If you squeeze an egg at both ends then the egg will ___?___.

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