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Activity Description of "Nutrition Consultants, Inc."

Title Nutrition Consultants, Inc.
Audience 9th grade biology classes
Abstract In this project, students work in pairs and act as nutrition consultants in order to analyze sample diets, determining whether or not those diets are healthy. Each nutrition "clinic" is given a sample client, complete with sample biographical information and a sample diet. Once each clinic has analyzed their client's diet, they are to make recommendations concerning nutrition habits. Students make recommendations based on their client's calorie, carbohydrate, fat, and protein intakes. Since multiple clinics in each class are given the same client, each pair must write a proposal and give an oral presentation of their recommendations, with the intent of giving the best proposal/presentation in order to be hired by their client as his/her nutrition consultants.
Author Lorrie Morrow
Email lormor32@hotmail.com
Unifying Concept
Science and Technology
Science as Inquiry
History and Nature of Science
Science in Personal and Social PerspectivesPersonal and community health
Life, Physical, Earth Sciences Matter, energy and organization in living systems
Other Standards

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