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January 19, 1998

Mr. John Banister-Marx
Camp Verde High School
P. O. Box 728
Camp Verde, AZ 86322

Dear John,

Thank you for your request for sets of our Magic Hooey Sticks. We think that you will agree that they are the finest quality and possess the most active Hooey spirits that money can buy. To activate any of your Hooey Sticks begin by chanting the following mantra:

Itzabeem locotada manzuneetee kolaseetseim

Once you have chanted the magic mantra several times you are ready to begin. Merely rub the serated stick with the thin stick and the small propellar will turn. You can then test your psychic abilities by saying the word "Hooey." If you are concentrating fully, you will be able to change the direction of the propellar. People with especially strong psychic abilities have even been reported to be able to communicate telepathically to get the Magic Hooey Stick propellar to reverse direction.

Should you have an interest in checking the scientific periodical literature regarding the proven nature of the Magic Hooey Stick we recommend that you obtain a copy of either of the following:

  • Bosonivich, Ima. "Quantitative Experimental Analysis of the Psychic Nature of Rotation in a Magic Hooey Stick." Journal of Scientific Inquiry. vol. 712. March, 1994. pp39-44

  • Trictya, Shoulda. "Enzyme Analysis of Spirit Entities Regulating Reciprocating Rotational Inertia of a Magic Hooey Stick." True Science Magazine. November 1995.

Thank you so very much for your money and your interest.


(sign the name "Yora Nideot" in this space after deleting this instruction line)

Yora Nideot
Psychic Centers of America
777 Lucky Avenue
Manitoba, Canada NB 349

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