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Science Careers

Biology 1 Semester Project
Ellyn A. Daugherty and Sharra Smith, San Mateo High School

Purpose: to demonstrate the diversity of available science careers


  1. You may work singly or in pairs.

  2. Decide on the career that you'd like to investigate. Sign up for one of the listed careers or talk to me about one that is not listed. 1 profession per group.

  3. Get information (books, pamphlets, articles, etc.) on the educational requirements for "your career." The library, career center, colleges and universities, and professional organizations are all good resources for educational information. Send away for information if necessary.

  4. Contact a professional in the field you are researching. conduct an interview, in person, investigating their job duties (a day in the life of...). ask "your professional" about the pros and the cons about their career. Get proof of your interview: a tape of the interview or a photo, of the professional at his place of business, is best. Have the professional fill in the certification sheet.

  5. Poster presentation - during the last week in february, you will give an oral presentation to the class and turn in a written report. your oral presentation will last a maximum of 5 minutes and will explain your poster, the interview, and the information you collected.

  6. Your poster should include: job duties (a day in the life), educational requirements, pros/cons of career, other interesting info., pictures/photos, references.

See me soon if you start to have problems.

This project is worth 100 points!

Due date __________________________

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