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Science Careers: How To Set Up an Interview

Biology 1 Semester Project
Ellyn A. Daugherty and Sharra Smith, San Mateo High School

You can either set up an interview by making contact in person or by using the telephone. In either case, make sure you know what you want to say before you start.

For either type of contact:

  1. Know what you will say before you say it. (if it is a phone contact, write it down).

  2. Be direct, polite, succinct.

  3. Identify yourself as a ________ high school biology student. then explain the purpose of your call.

  4. Have many possible interview dates to choose from so that you can accomodate the professional's busy schedule.

  5. Make sure that both parties understand the date and time of the interview.

  6. Give the interviewee your name and phone number in case they need to contact you.

  7. Ask if there is anything the interviewee thinks you should bring to the interview.

  8. Ask if it would be alright to take pictures and/or tape the interview if you hope to do so.

  9. Thank them for their time.

Written report

  1. Approximately 2 pages, typed or printed, in pen or pencil, neat and easy to read, on one side of the paper only. Each person is to write their own report.

  2. Should include detailed information about job duties, educational requirements, pros/cons of job, interesting anedotes about your professional's career.

  3. Third page should have a bibliography with at least 4 references listed using the following format:

    • books: last name, first name, title, publisher, date, page #.

    • encyclopedia/ pamphlets: editor/publisher, title, date, volume, page #.

    • magazine articles: last name, first name, "name of article," magazine title, date, page.

    • professionals: last name, first name, professional title, address, phone number, date.

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