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Cranial Creations

Chuck Downing

"The Whole Cell Catalogue"

There is not much that you cannot buy by mail-order any more. There are catalogs for just about anything you can think of. Your task in this assignment is to create a catalog for something that there may not be a market for yet, but you never know about the future. Your catalog will be for the major organelles in a cell.

  1. Get into groups as instructed by your teacher.

  2. Decide which individual in your group will be responsible for the catalog page describing each of the following organelles:
    Cell membrane Ribosome Golgi apparatus
    Mitochondria Endoplasmic reticulum Golgi apparatus
    Cell membrane Ribosome Any one other organelle
  3. Use textbooks or other references to look up information on the organelle you were assigned.

  4. Design a page in your catalog for your organelle. Your page must include a written description of your organelle, a sales pitch, the price for the organelle, and a full-color diagram to illustrate your "product." Check with other group members to be certain that the price for your organelle is reasonable compared to theirs. Be sure to leave a 1.5" margin on the left and 1" margins on all other edges.

  5. Your group will need to design a cover for your catalog.

  6. Your group will also need to produce a Table of Contents which will be the first page inside the cover of your catalog. This should be done last and should include the following information:

    Page #
    Cell MembraneJ. Student
    MitochondriaIma Kid

    Just a note, your teacher will fill in the "points" column with your grade.

  7. Your final grade on this assignment will combine your individual page grade and a "group" grade from the entire catalogue.

This assignment will be graded on accuracy, neatness, and creativity. Make it g-o-o-o-d!

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