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Journey into a Cell: Planning Page

Heidi Haugen, Florin High School, Panther Science 1998

In this activity your team will assemble and edit scientific information on cells, then write and illustrate a creative story.

  1. After forming teams, decide what type of cell (plant or animal) you will be writing about (Record this in the box on the "Organizer Sheet").

  2. Assign a PART (see below) to each member of your group.

  3. Discuss and outline your story (introduction, body 1, body 2, conclusion) with your team. Remember to use the same character names and tenses in each part.

  4. Now you're ready to begin researching and writing your story. Some materials you may choose to use for collecting and organizing the information include: your notes, unit packet, reference books, encyclopedia, and the Internet. Remember, research and write about the cell organelles your PART is responsible for. Record your individual research information on the "Organizer Sheet."

  5. Next, your team will complete the planning page and prepare to write and illustrate a creative story. Completing the organizer and planning guide will ensure a quality story. This "Planning Page" will help your team outline your story, Journey into a Cell. Use the "Organizer Sheet" on the reverse side to help you add facts to your story.

Members of this group:

___________________________     ___________________________

___________________________     ___________________________

Title of Story: _____________________________________________

Each team member is responsible for WRITING about AND ILLUSTRATING the 3 organelles listed under their PART. The organelles do not necessarily have to be discussed in that part. For example, your team may wish to discuss the ribosomes, ER (rough/smooth), and chloroplasts/centrioles in parts 2 and/or 3.

P= plant cell organelle
A= animal cell organelle

Written by:                 
Describe the setting of your story. How did you get into the cell? What kind of cell are you in? What do you see around you?

P: cell wall, cell membrane, cytoplasm
A: lysomes, cell membrane, cytoplasm
Written by:                 
What is happening to you? Begin to develop the plot. What is it like to be inside of a cell? What is the focus of this story? Will you be trying to get out of the cell, or will something happen to you?

P/A: NUCLEUS: nuclear membrane, chromosomes (chromatin), nucleolus, nucleoplasm

Written by:                 
Continue the adventure. How are you traveling around the cell? How are you reacting to what is happening inside the cell? How are the different cell parts reacting with you?

P: ribosomes, ER (rough/smooth), chloroplasts
A: ribosomes, ER (rough/smooth), centrioles
Written by:                 
Resolve the adventure. How will your story end? How will you leave the cell (if you do)? Tie up all of the loose ends in this section. "Wrap up your story."

P/A: mitochondria, vacuole, Golgi bodies

Organizer Sheet

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