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SQ3R plus Guidelines

Reading - to - Learn

modified by Heidi Haugen Florin High School, Sacramento, CA

The SQ3R method of reading textbooks works with your brain's ability to store and recall information. This method of reading causes you to rehearse the material you are learning FIVE times while you only read it once! Rehearsal builds stronger pathways in the brain allowing you a greater ability to recall and understand the material.

SQ3R is a reading strategy that works very well when reading material that contains a lot of technical information, diagrams, and figures. This strategy helps one focus on the main points in a section and thus improves how much the reader remembers. SQ3R-plus includes an additional 'R' standing for "Relate". After completing the entire selection you will think about and comment on how what you read relates to and/or impacts your life. Follow the steps below, in the order listed, for each section that you read.
STEP-1 S - Survey:

Survey the entire assignment whether it is a chapter, a section, or a complete book. Look at the headings, the material in bold face and italics, the charts, outlines and summaries. Get a general sense of the scope of the material. TO DO: Look through the pages of the section the you have been assigned, making note of the headings, figures, pictures, graphs and any other non-text material. For each of these "figures", jot down a brief explanation of what you see.

STEP-2 Q - Question: Make a list of questions to be answered after completing your survey. Take each heading of a section and turn it into a question. In addition, make each sub-heading of the section into a question. TO DO: Write these questions down leaving room to put an answer after you read the section. See example below:
STEP-3 R - Read: Read the material section by section. While you are reading look specifically for the answers to the questions that you made out of the headings and sub-headings in step 2 above.
STEP-4 R - Recite: After you have read the section, think about what you have read and answer the questions you wrote down in the Question Section. Recite in your own words the answer to each question. Do this for every section you read. Write the answers in the space that you left next to your questions. If you can't answer the question, go back and reread the specific sub-section again looking more carefully for the answer.
STEP-5 R - Review: Review the material by answering each one of the questions you write down for each section out loud. Once you have read the whole section and answered the questions that you came up with, go back to the beginning of the section and find the section objectives. Answer each of the objectives thoroughly and then go on to the next section and start at the beginning again.
PLUS Relate: After completing the entire selection and reviewing your SQ3R, think about and comment on how what you read relates to and/or impacts your life. Include at least 5 vocabulary terms and their meanings, that were new to you and/or that you had to look up in a dictionary or glossary.

What your paper will look like:

Name ________________________________________________________

SQ3R For ________________________________________
                 (CLASS TITLE HERE)

                  (HEADING TITLE HERE)

1-1 ________________________________________________________



1-2 ________________________________________________________
              (SUB-HEADING TITLE HERE)




      PLUS: (Think about and comment on how what you read Relates to and/or impacts your life.)

VOCABULARY from the selection that was new to you and/or that you had to look up the meaning in a dictionary or glossary.

               WORD                       MEANING

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