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400 + Ways to Show What You Know

Susan Holt

  1. Act as teacher for one day and teach a class

  2. Adopt a species from the zoo and become a specialist on it

  3. After each class, make a 'What interested me" and "Why should I care?" list

  4. Analyze a diet plan

  5. Arrange for a field trip for the biology club

  6. Arrange for a guest speaker for the biology club

  7. Arrange for a lab for biology club

  8. Attend all of the Western New York Science Forum programs at UB and write a journal response about each of them

  9. Be a reviewer of videotapes on the biology of space travel from NASA

  10. Become a lab specialist for a marking period and serve as a lab assistant who answers questions for other students during lab classes or makeup labs

  11. Before any lab be sure to write down what you think will happen (from what you already know)

  12. Build a compost bin and write instructions for its use

  13. Care for a section of school lawn

  14. Chart change

  15. Choreograph a dance to simulate a biological process

  16. Classify a collection of plant or animal specimens

  17. Collect examples of biologically incorrect advertising and explain why they are incorrect

  18. Collect examples of enzymes from a grocery store or pharmacy and design labs to illustrate their action

  19. Collect information of holistic medicine

  20. Collect information on a national park and plan a nature study trip to this park

Copyright 1994 - Susan Holt, Williamsville East High School, SHoltBMN@AOL.com

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