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400 + Ways to Show What You Know

Susan Holt

  1. Make a comparison chart

  2. Make a computer graphic

  3. Make a computer program to model a process

  4. Make a computer simulation

  5. Make a concept map

  6. Make a cookbook

  7. Make a data base of biology field trip locations within 20 miles of school

  8. Make a data base of guest speakers for biology

  9. Make a data base of mentors for biology students

  10. Make a diorama

  11. Make a first aid kit that could be used for your family if you were going to be shipwrecked on a deserted island for a year

  12. Make a fish pond

  13. Make a game

  14. Make a "Garden of Microbial Delights"

  15. Make a graffiti wall

  16. Make a hypercard clip art file

  17. Make a hypercard stack of test review questions

  18. Make a instruction book on hazardous household products and their safe handling and disposal

  19. Make a list of 100 bioethical issues

  20. Make a list of 100 questions that students could use for ideas for lab research projects

Copyright 1994 - Susan Holt, Williamsville East High School, SHoltBMN@AOL.com

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