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400 + Ways to Show What You Know

Susan Holt

  1. Talk about it with someone who knows more about a topic than you do

  2. Talk for 10 minutes each day with a partner about everything you don't know or understand and keep a journal on your conversations

  3. Talk to your parents about what you learned biology each day and keep a journal on your conversations

  4. Teach other students how to use computer bulletin boards to find biology information

  5. Tutor another student

  6. Use a computer simulation

  7. Use and write about one of the biology interactive computer programs

  8. Use glossaries from college level texts to make lists of words that have the same beginning but different endings. Make an illustrated glossary of these words that would make it easy for other students to remember the differences between their meanings

  9. Use the computer program MORPH to illustrate the evolutionary history of a human

  10. Use the video microscope to create a record of the microorganisms that you have observed in pond water then identify these organisms

  11. Visit a diagnostic lab and collect information to illustrate how lab results are used in diagnosis

  12. Write a biography of a biologist

  13. Write a biography of an organism

  14. Write a biological autobiography

  15. Write a biology lab based on a computer simulation program

  16. Write a book of home biology experiments for young children

  17. Write a diary that describes your life for a week as another organisms

  18. Write a "facts of life" book for a young organism

  19. Write a grant request

  20. Write a lab practical exam for biology students

Copyright 1994 - Susan Holt, Williamsville East High School, SHoltBMN@AOL.com

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