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400 + Ways to Show What You Know

Susan Holt

  1. Write a lab to be used for Dandelion Day in May

  2. Write a letter of recommendation for yourself for a biology related job

  3. Write a library research report

  4. Write a "Life's Little Instruction Book For Biology Class

  5. Write a "Life's Little Instruction Book for a Better Earth"

  6. Write a "Life's Little Instruction Book for a Healthier Life"

  7. Write a list of neat ways that you remember hard concepts

  8. Write a parable

  9. Write a research journal

  10. Write advice columns

  11. Write an "I am Joe/Jane's _______" article.

  12. Write an illustrated book of poetry based on observations of living things

  13. Write an "Incredible Voyage" description of a trip through a human system

  14. Write an observation log for an organism grown in the classroom

  15. Write and film a documentary

  16. Write and film a soap opera to illustrate a bioethical issue

  17. Write and film a TV show

  18. Write and illustrate a comic book

  19. Write and illustrate a pop-up book

  20. Write and illustrate a "what's my baby like before and after it's born" book for a sibling

Copyright 1994 - Susan Holt, Williamsville East High School, SHoltBMN@AOL.com

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