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400 + Ways to Show What You Know

Susan Holt

  1. Create globes

  2. Critique the explanation of a topic in a textbook

  3. Debate the use of animals for research

  4. Decorate the room to illustrate one biological theme--energy, organization, genetics, development, homeostasis, interdependence, or evolution

  5. Define death

  6. Define healthy

  7. Define life

  8. Demonstrate a lab procedure

  9. Demonstrate and explain optical illusions

  10. Demonstrate the biology of a sport

  11. Demonstrate the biology of dancing

  12. Describe health care in a historical time period

  13. Describe the anatomy and physiology of an organism

  14. Design a book of experiments for young children

  15. Design a butterfly garden

  16. Design a college program for a nontraditional major that combines an interest in biology with an interest in another field of study

  17. Design a concept map with missing words and see what words other students select to complete the map--explain why their choices are right or wrong

  18. Design a follow the clues game

  19. Design a forensic mystery lab

  20. Design a landscaping plan for a 100X100 suburban lot to support wildlife

Copyright 1994 - Susan Holt, Williamsville East High School, SHoltBMN@AOL.com

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