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Susan Holt - Williamsville East High School
151 Paradise Road, East Amherst, NY 14051

Many people continue to learn about biology after they have completed a high school biology course. They learn because they are seeking information on a topic of special interest to them. As part of this course, you will learn not only biology content but also you will learn how to learn.

You will be asked to create a portfolio--a collection of evidence of your knowledge and skills. Your portfolio should demonstrate that you have developed concept understandings and skills that will enable you to be an independent learner of biology.

Your portfolio is made by selecting samples of your work from the list of possible portfolio entries described on the following pages. You should think carefully about this list and to choose portfolio entries that reflect your interests and/or talents. For each portfolio entry that you select, you must complete a self-reflection form. A copy of this self-reflection form is attached.

The entries in your portfolio must be selected so that they provide evidences of your abilities for:

  • Acquiring and processing information through independent learning

  • Communicating in written, oral, and graphic form

  • Improving work through peer and self-evaluation

  • Working collaboratively

  • Using the inquiry process to plan and carry out an extended laboratory investigation

  • Using decision-making/problem solving skills to seek a solution to a personal or societal issue

  • Applying biology content knowledge to real-world situations

You are expected to add samples of your work to a working portfolio throughout the year so that you have a diversity of potential portfolio entries to select from. At the end of each marking period you will be asked to select and revise two samples of your work for a marking period portfolio. The marking period portfolio will be counted as one test grade.

At the end of the school year, you will prepare a final examination portfolio that will be worth 10 credits on your final examination. This final portfolio should include 5 samples of your best work selected from your working portfolio and revised based on peer and self evaluation.

Portfolio entries in bold type are ones that may be accomplished by doing regular classroom assignments during the school year. You do not need to complete a portfolio contract for these. The portfolio entries that are not in bold type are ones that you may choose to do as independent projects. You will need to submit a contract for any independent project to ensure that it will be appropriate for your portfolio. A sample copy of the contract form is attached.

Your final examination portfolio is due on _____________. On that date, you will be asked to present your portfolio to your classmates.

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