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Complete an individual lab experiment in which you select a question then design, conduct and report on an experiment that answers this question.

Rapid Radish or Fast Plant Experiments


Create an original graphic such as a bulletin board, model, mobile, computer graphic, or series of photographs to represent a biological concept. Your graphic should be accompanied by a key and written explanation.

Graphic Communication Project


Complete a two page written report done during class time. To prepare for writing your report, you will be expected to research the topic related to biology, organize the information, and prepare a concept map or an organized set of note cards.

Human Genetic Disease Brochure


Produce a videotaped ten minute oral report on a topic related to biology. To prepare for videotaping your report, you will be expected to research the topic, organize the information, and prepare a concept map or an organized set of note cards.

Human System Malfunction News Report


Select a topic of special importance to you. Make a resource folder/scrapbook of information that you collect on the topic. Create a ten minute videotape in which you and explain why your topic is important to you and summarize what you have learned about your topic. Make a brochure to advertise your videotape.

It's Important To Me Project


Participate in a cooperative learning project in which three students investigate the personal, scientific, social, and ethical dimensions of a bioethical issue. Members of the group collaborate to conduct a survey or participate in a debate on the issue.

Do People Have The Right

To ------- Project.


Collect information on a career that involves biology. Interview several individuals involved in this career. Complete a college application for a college that offers a degree program that would lead to that career. Prepare an oral report, written report, scrapbook, or videotape on the career that you have selected.

Career Exploration Project


Participate in a cooperative learning project in which three students work together to investigate an issue related to ecology. Members of the group cooperate to produce a written report, an oral report, and a poster on the causes, effects, and possible solutions for problems resulting from human technology.

Impact of Humans on the Environment Project


Complete a journal with information on a plant or animal that is raised in the classroom for a period of at least 10 weeks. Your journal should include information that you have gained from both observation and library research.

Diary of a Plant

Diary of an Animal


Complete a journal with information on an animal or plant that you dissect. Your journal should include information that you have gained from both observation and library research.

Comparative dissection of two vertebrates animals

Comparative dissection of two invertebrate animals


Read two fiction or nonfiction books that are related to biology. Select and explain two passages from each book that meet each of the following criteria: things I knew from class, new things I learned, things I have questions about, things I found most interesting. Create a poster that encourages other students to read this book.

Read and report on Hot Zone--a book about a highly contagious and deadly virus.


Prepare a scrapbook of newspaper and magazine articles that relate to biology. You will need to find at least ten articles per week for ten weeks. Organize the scrapbook into sections that correlate with the units of study in your biology class and write a brief explanation of how the information in each article relates to your life.

Collect biology articles from your family's newspapers and magazines.


Become a "specialist" on a unit that you find particularly interesting by reading beyond the required course level. Make a concept map for this unit that includes your independent study. Your teacher will interview you and ask you to explain your concept map.

Concept map the chapters on a unit using three Advanced Placement biology texts


Become an active member of the biology club. Attend at least ten meetings. Be responsible for making arrangements for one club meeting--a guest speaker, a lab, or a field trip. Biology club meets every other Wednesday after school for two hours.

Invite a genetic counselor

Do a lab on water testing

Conduct a field trip to a lab, museum or nature sanctuary


Use a variety of library computer network facilities to collect information for one of the projects that you do for biology class. Keep a journal on the types of computer technology that you have used, how this technology was used, and the types of information available through that technology.

Keep a record of how you used the library and computer networks to gather information on a biology topic of interest to you.


Complete 10 hours of service to school or community that is related to biology. You will be expected to keep a journal that details what kinds of things you did and explains how your experiences relate to biology concepts.

Volunteer work at a hospital , research lab, nursing home, zoo, park, school or museum.


Plan a field trip to a museum, nature sanctuary, park, research lab or other location that is related to biology. Collect information on the site, visit the site, and prepare an oral report, written report, scrapbook, or videotape on the field trip.

Select a local site and plan a trip for your classmates.

Select a distant site and plan a trip for your family.


Present a hands-on biology lesson for preschool or elementary school children that you prepare and actually teach. Submit your lesson plans before you teach. Following the teaching write a report on the teaching experience.

Help children set up a bottle biology habitat

Help children do experiments with snails or pill bugs


Produce a multimedia presentation that uses slides, videotape, laser disk image, and a written or taped script to present information on a biology related topic.

Produce a multimedia presentation for the school's "Unity and Diversity Day".


Show that you use biology in other subjects by providing samples of assignments that you have submitted for other classes that incorporate biology concepts. You must submit two samples from five of the following subject areas: English, social studies, math, art, music, physical education, or business.

Explain how "Unity and Diversity" or "Constancy and Change" is a theme that is common to many subject areas.


Use your ingenuity, your talent, or your sense of humor to demonstrate independent learning in a biology topic that interests you. There is a list of suggestions in the classroom to give you an idea of the diversity of projects that you can do but you are not limited to these. You must submit an independent study contract before you begin a creative project.

For ideas see the "Ways To Show What You Know" poster or the "Idea" card file in the classroom.

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