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NAME ________________________________________ PER ______ ASSIGN# ______ DATE ____________ SCORE _______


Truman Holtzclaw

You will be given two "Biomass Generators". These will consist of one corn seed and one bean seed. Your task is to generate as much biomass as you can in a four week period. In addition, you will be required to keep a log(notes & data) on each of your biomass generators. Your data should be divided into quantitative (numbers) data and qualitative (colors, opinions & emotions) data. Your biomass generator's habitat will be a container supplied by your teacher. You may supply your own soil and fertilizer if you wish.

Due Date: ______________________*

Points for this project will be awarded as follows:

  1. Habitat

    20pts ________

    (Notes on the habitat such as location, temperature, soil type, water,

    fertilizer if used, sunlight, etc. should be included.)

  2. Data gathered & recorded

    20pts ________

    (Data should be divided into quantitative & qualitative data. Data should

    include daily growth rates, color changes, # of leaves, stem diameter, height etc.)

  3. Biomass generated

    20pts ________

    (The Largest plant will be cut off at the soil level by the instructor and

    weighed. The largest plant, "most biomass", in the class will be awarded

    an extra ten Bonus Points. The 2nd largest will be given 7 bonus pts.

    And the 3rd largest = 4 bonus pts. Points awarded the other students'

    biomass generators will be based the largest plant.)

  4. Germinated generators

    12pts ________

    (Successful germination: the student will be awarded 10 points for each

    biomass generator that germinates and lives for the four weeks.)

  5. Proposed experiment with your biomass generators

    20pts ________

    (Experimental Design: Propose an experiment involving your biomass

    generators. Keep it simple and be sure to have a control.)

  6. Bonus points (up to 15pts)

    15pts ________

    (Bonus points will be awarded to those students who have done an

    outstanding job on their record logs and "Biomass Generation". project

  7. Total points awarded:(100points possible + bonus ?)

    100pts ________

    * "Be sure to turn in this sheet with your log notes."

Notes: You may use any soil type(s) & fertilizers that you prefer. You are encouraged to ask experienced gardeners about making plants grow fast. Your logs may be colored and include graphs. You may come in before or after school to work on your logs in addition to class time allotted for log notes and data. In designing an experiment for your plants, please keep it "simple & easy". Some of the best experiments are the simplest and easiest ones. Also remember to keep your variables to a minimum.

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