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The Price of Butter Depends on the Number of Old Maids

Truman Holtzclaw

"The price of butter depends on the number of old maids in the area, because old maids keep cats, cats eat mice, mice eradicate bees, bees pollinate clover, cows eat clover, the more clover there is, the less it costs the farmer to produce milk, butter is made from milk, therefore..."

-- adapted from Charles Darwin ORIGIN of SPECIES: Chapter 3 - Struggle for Existence
Complex Relations of all Animals and Plants to each other in the Struggle for Existence


  1. This sentence is a good illustration of which science?
  2. Which of the above organisms is a good example of an omnivore?
  3. Which is a producer?
  4. Which is a primary consumer?
  5. Which organism is the gamete transporter?
  6. Which substance is a lipid?
  7. Which organism is an autotroph?
  8. Which organism is a carnivore?
  9. Which is an insectivore?
  10. List the above organisms which produce carbon dioxide:
  11. Which of the above organisms use food?
  12. Which of the above organisms is at the top of the food chain?
  13. What two organisms from above are a good example of mutualism?
  14. What is the relationship between the old maids and the cats?
  15. Is the above an example of a food chain or food web?
  16. Which organism is a good example of a secondary consumer?
  17. Which of the above is a good example of herbivore?
  18. On the back of this page, give some examples of how cats effect your life.

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