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Flower Dissection Lab (Part 2)

Answer Key

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What is normally the purpose(s) of each of the following?

1. Stigma? To catch and hold the pollen

2. Style? To support the stigma and provide a pathway for the sperm to reach the ovary

3. Ovary? Forms eggs + fertilization = seeds

4. Egg? Half of the genetic material for a new plant, plus building materials and energy

5. Pistil? Female part of a flower = Stigma, style and ovary

6. Anther? Produces the pollen (sperm) of a flower

7. Filament? Supports the anther

8. Stamen? Male part of the flower = filament and anther

9. Smell? Used to attract some kind of pollinator

10. Bright colors? Used to attract some kind of pollinator (Advertising)

11. Name two trees that have flowers: (your choice)
      A. Apple

      B. Cherry

12. Name two trees that do not have flowers: (your choice)
      A. Pine

      B. Cedar

13. What is a complete flower? Has both male and female parts

14. What do you think is California's most economically important plant? (Your opinion!)

15. What do you call plants that complete their life cycle in one year? Annuals

16. What do you call plants that complete their life cycle in two years? Biennials

17. What do you call plants that complete their life cycle in 3+ years? Perennials

18. What is our state flower? Golden Poppy

19. What is our state tree? Redwood

20. Do flowers normally have more stamens or pistils? Stamens

    Why do you think that there are more of these? (Your opinion)

21. Which plants are normally pollinated by the wind? Those that have no particular bright colors, special shapes or smells. For example: grasses and pine trees.

22. What are the two most important products that plants give us?
      A. Food

      and B. Oxygen

23. Which group (family) of plants are humans' most important food source? Grasses

24. What are the two main things we get from our food?
      A. Energy

      and B. And building materials

25. Which plants did Gregor Mendel use to formulate his ideas on genetics? Pea

26. Why do you think that most night blooming flowers are white in color? Pollinators can see more easily.

27. Why is sexual reproduction so important to evolution?Variety = choices

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