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Biology Building Blocks:

"How well do you know them?"

Truman Holtzclaw

Directions: Match the right side to the left side. The items of the right side are used to build up the items on the left side. You can only use the answers ONCE.

 1. LIFE (Organic Complexity)

 2. ATOMS (Stuff of the Universe)

 3. "DNA" / "RNA"(Design & Function)

 4. PROTEINS (Form & Function)

 5. LIPIDS (Oils, Fats & Waxes)

 6. MATTER (Solids, Liquids & Gases)

 7. ORGANISM (Worm, Moss, Tree, You)

 8. NUCLEOTIDES (Adenine, Cytosine, ...)

 9. COMPOUNDS (H2O; C6H12O6; CO2)

10. CELL MEMBRANES (Life's boarder)

11. SUGAR (Life's chemical energy)

12. SYSTEMS (ex. digestive, skeletal)

13. WOOD, STARCH, (polysaccharides) GLYCOGEN & CHITIN

14. ATP'S (Energy currency of life)

A. Systems (ex. muscle, respiratory)

B. Elements(ex. carbon, hydrogen)

C. Phosphate, Sugar & Nitrogen Base

D. Atoms

E. Phospholipids & Proteins

AB. Nucleotides

AC. Cells

AD. Glycerol & Fatty Acids

AE. Sugar molecules

BC. ADP's; P's & ENERGY!

BD. Protons, Neutrons & Electrons

BE. Amino Acids

CD. Organs (ex. heart, eye, kidney)

CE. CO2 & H2O

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