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DNA Model--Checklist

Kathy Paris

  1. Structure
    1. Nitrogenous bases/pairing/rungs?__________
    2. Chemical structuring (nucleotide: sugar/phosphate)?__________
    3. Sugar (name)/phosphate sides?__________
    4. Bonding? Where H bonds? Other covalent bonds? Where do bases bond?__________
    5. Helix/double strand?__________
    6. Complementary strand?__________
    7. Antiparallel?__________
    8. 5' end, 3' end?__________
    9. Purines/pyrimidines; PuAG2?__________
  2. Replication
    1. DNA Polymerase?__________
    2. Helicases and other enzymes?__________
    3. Semi-conservative replication?__________
    4. Bonding of nucleotides? Bonding between bases?__________
  3. How a Protein is Made
    1. How a Protein is Made - Transcription
      1. Defined? Identified in Tour Guide?__________
      2. M-RNA made with DNA template?__________
      3. RNA polymerase? Other enzymes?__________
      4. RNA's-how different from DNA?__________
      5. M-RNA does what? Codon?__________
      6. Puffs?__________
      7. Nucleus/cytoplasm/ribososmes?__________
    2. How a Protein is Made - Translation
      1. Defined? Identified in Tour Guide?__________
      2. T-RNA does what (specifics)?__________
      3. Anticodon and a.a. end?__________
      4. Amino acids/peptide bond/polypeptide/protein?__________
      5. Ribosome, large and small subunits, function of each. P and A sites?__________
      6. Initiation codon/termination codon?__________
      7. Polysomes?__________
      8. Any enzymes involved?__________
      9. 20 different a.a.__________
  4. Altering the Code and the Results
    1. Change a base (point mutation)?__________
    2. Results in a change in a.a. sequence?__________
    3. Change in function of the protein?__________
    4. Frame shift?__________
    5. Frame shift results in a.a. sequence?__________
    6. Relates the mutation to a real world consequence?__________
  5. Miscellaneous
    1. No reports?__________
    2. Visuals? How many?__________
    3. Originality?__________
    4. Assigned number on model and tour guide (no name)?__________
    5. Check over spelling, punctuation and grammar?__________
    6. Is everything neat and organized?__________
    7. Bibliography?__________
    8. Would you be proud to show this project to others?__________


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