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Answers to The Secret DNA Code
and DNA Bonus Mystery

Kathy Paris

Secret Code:

Ribosome 1 = go to demo counter

Ribosome 2 = get one paper towel

Ribosome 3 = go to Mrs. Paris (you can change)

Ribosome 4 = give code hungry

Ribosome 5 = ask for keys

Ribosome 6 = use medium gold key

Ribosome 7 = go to big picture of my dog

Ribosome 8 = open closet beneath

Ribosome 9 = take out munchies

Ribosome 10 = return keys

Ribosome 11 = eat and enjoy

Bonus mystery:

Ribosome 1 = go to Mrs. Paris and say hi

Ribosome 2 = go to attache

Ribosome 3 = left number is three zeros

Ribosome 4 = right number is five zero zero

Ribosome 5 = eat

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