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Bunny Babies

by Marie Appling

Students use their knowledge of how traits are inherited to determine the traits for Easter Egg Bunnies.

At fertilization the genetic traits of an individual are determined. Fertilization occurs when two gametes, an egg and a sperm, join together. Each of the cells contributes a set of traits to the offspring. In this activity you will use coins to represent the egg and sperm. The parents are heterozygous for each of the possible traits for our bunny baby. You will flip the coins to determine which trait your bunny baby will inherit. You will then build a model of your bunny baby.
Materials: Plastic egg Glue gun Construction paper Glue sticks
Two coinsScissors Sharpie Marker


  1. Decide which coin will represent the Female gamete and which coin will represent the Male gamete.

  2. For each of the following traits, flip each coin one time. Record "H" for heads and "h" for tails. This will determine the genotype of your Bunny Baby.

  3. Obtain a Trait Sheet from your teacher. Record the Phenotype for each of the traits on your Trait Sheet.

  4. Use your phenotypes to put together the model of your Bunny Baby.

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