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Welcome to the Activites to Go Submission Registration Form. The information collected by this form will be used to categorize your submitted activity.

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3. Content Classification

Our Table of Contents uses categories of the National Science Education Standards. Please select all appropriate classifications according to the directions below.

Unifying Concepts (choose one)

    Systems, order and organization
    Evidence, models, and explanation
    Change, constancy, and measurement
    Evolution and equilibrium
    Form and function

Science and Technology (choose one)

    Abilities of technological design
    Understandings about science and technology

Science as Inquiry (choose one)

    Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
    Understandings about scientific inquiry

History and Nature of Science (choose up to two)

    Science as a human endeavor
    Nature of scientific knowledge
    Historical perspectives

Science in Personal and Social Perspectives (choose up to three)

    Personal and community health
    Population growth
    Natural resources
    Environmental quality
    Natural and human induced hazards
    Science and technology in local, national, global challenges

Please check up to three content areas that your activity covers.

Life Science

    The cell
    Molecular basis of heredity
    Biological evolution
    Interdependence of organisms
    Matter, energy and organization in living systems
    Behavior of organisms
    Structure and function in living systems
    Reproduction and heredity
    Regulation and behavior
    Populations and ecosystems
    Diversity and adaptations of organisms

Physical Science

    Structure of atoms
    Structure and properties of matter
    Chemical reaction
    Motion and forces
    Conservation of energy and increase of disorder
    Interactions of energy and matter

Earth and Space Science

    Energy in the earth system
    Geochemical cycles
    Origin and evolution of the earth system
    Origin and evolution of the universe

Other Standards

    Science Teaching
    Professional Development
    Science Education Program
    Science Education System

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5. Submit Activity Registration

When all of your registration information is complete press the "Submit Activity Registration" button. Your activity will be registered and you will be instructed on how to upload your materials.

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