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How to Upload Your Activity

  1. Prepare the Activity Files
    • Your activity will be processed most efficiently if it is saved as Microsoft Word (PC Office '97 or earlier), Microsoft Word (Office 98 or earlier), RTF, ClarisWorks (4.0 or earlier), or a text file. For other file formats, please email specifics before sending an activity. Graphics which are not part of a text file should be saved as gif, jpg, pict or tiff files. (Please send web ready files ONLY after you have checked their appearance using Netscape or Internet Explorer.)

  2. Fill out Registration Form
      Information on this form is used by our search engine and to appropriately categorize your activity.

  3. E-mail the Activity Files
      After submitting the registration form, you will receive a code for your activity and an e-mail address. Please attach your activity files to an email message, put the code in the subject line, and send it to us. On behalf of the thousands of teachers who access this site each month, thank you for sharing.

Please note: Activities-To-Go are submitted by teachers, for teachers; each activity is reviewed for scientific accuracy and peer reviewed before it appears on the Access Excellence Web site. All authors will receive confirmation of acceptance or suggestions for needed changes within two weeks. Authors are giving permission for others to use their activity ONLY for educational, not for profit purposes, and the authors retain the copyright to their work. If you use an an activity from this site, please be sure to give credit to the author.

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