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by Frances K. Hilton
C. E. Murray High School
Post Office Box I88
Greeleyville, SC 29056

Objective: To demonstrate the process of enzymatic reaction by making cheese.


  • whole milk
  • buttermilk
  • hot plate
  • cheese cloth
  • ph meter
  • rennin solution


  1. Ripen the milk by adding 20 ml of buttermilk to 150 ml of whole milk.

  2. Let the solution remain at room temperature for one to two hours.

  3. Heat the ripened milk and bring it to a boil or until there is a change in the solution.

  4. Remove the solution from the heat and add 25 ml of the rennin solution .

  5. Remove the solid (cheese) and squeeze in a clean cheese cloth and taste. NOTE: Salt may be added

Data and Conclusion:

  1. What is the pH of the whole milk, buttermilk, rennin solution, whey, ripened milk, and cheese?

  2. Why is the pH important?

  3. What is the solution called once the cheese has been removed?

  4. What is an enzyme? What was the the enzyme in this investigation?

  5. What is a substrate? What was the substrate in this investigation?

  6. Explain 2 models of how enzymes work. Which model is represented in this activity?

  7. List several factors that may affect how enzymes work.


Rennin solution:

Add 1 g of rennin powder to 99 ml of distilled water and dissolve.


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