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Science Safety Rules - Student

General Safety Rules

  1. No laboratory work shall be performed by a student without the direct supervision of the teacher. Under no circumstances is a student allowed to work in the laboratory alone.
  2. You will be instructed at the beginning of each laboratory period, as to the potential dangers that may be encountered and the proper precautions that are required to eliminate or reduce such hazards.
  3. You will become familiar with the instructions of laboratory procedure prior to the initiation of any related activity. Read all directions for the experiment at least two times . Ask questions if you don't understand any part of the directions. No changes from the instructions will be allowed without permission from the teacher or instructor.
  4. Never perform any activity that is not authorized or supervised by the teacher or instructor.
  5. Do not operate equipment without operating instructions or specific permission from the teacher or instructor (i.e. Bunsen burner or centrifuge).
  6. No eating, drinking or applications of cosmetics is allowed in the laboratory.
  7. Always wash hands after handling chemicals, plants, animals, or dissection tools.
  8. Careless behavior in a laboratory can cause accidents. Horseplay,teasing, loud talking or tossing objects are are not allowed in a laboratory.
  9. All personal possessions such as books, coats, and papers, that are not related to the laboratory procedure should not be brought into the laboratory work area.
  10. Each laboratory student will be made aware of the use and location of all safety equipment (i.e. goggles, gloves, apron, fume hood, eyewash, etc.)
  11. Never reach over a Bunsen burner, chemical reagents or other laboratory equipment.
  12. At the completion of the laboratory period or when an experiment is complete, return all equipment to proper storage and clean the work area.

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