Share the Wealth Session
1996 NSTA Global Summit on Science and Science Education

Nancy Ridenour
Ithaca High School, Ithaca, NY

Richard Benz
Wickliffe, Ohio
Building YOU from MOO
In this activity students will be given an envelope that will turn each of them into either a field of grass, or a dairy cow, or a famous person
Kirk Brown
Tracy, California
SA/V Ratio and Rate of Diffusion
An activity designed to enable students to determine the relationship between surface area to volume ratio and the rate of diffusion
Steve Case
Olathe, Kansas
Leaf Stomata as Bioindicators of Environmental Change
Leaf stomatal densities can be determined by a simple laboratory technique and used to measure changing atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide
Heidi Haugen
Sacramento, CA
Magnificent Microscopes
In this series of activities students will explore the "invisible world", make meaningful microscopic discoveries, and learn the importance of the microscope as a tool in science and research.
Michele Powell
Myrtle Beach, SC
BIOME VIDEO Exchange Project
Allows students to investigate their local biome and region while learning more about technology
Cheryl Powers
Carpinteria, CA
What is a Medicine?
Students will evaluate whether certain substances should be defined as "medicines' and will examine various systems of medicine in cooperative groups
Nancy Ridenour
Ithaca, New York
Student Investigation on the Immune System and Hemeagglutination
This lab will demonstrate the principles of antibody-antigen binding, the secondary immune response, cross reactivity and complement fixation
Jeb Schenck
Thermopolis, WY
Biodiversity Study -- A Unit Study
An introduction for students to biology in general and the significance of environmental studies
Brad Williamson
Olathe, Kansas
An Activity to Introduce Critical Thinking
This activity brings home to you and your students an important message--the importance of skepticism when encountering and explaining weird phenomena

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