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CLUE: Photographs of the Bodies

Ice Grave #1 shows a young man in seaman's clothes, heavily tattooed, with dark hair done in a pigtail.

Ice Grave #2 shows an older man, balding, very plump, missing two fingers on his left hand, in worn and stained seaman's clothes.

Photograph of Ice Grave #3

Ice Grave #3 shows a young man with long and loose blond hair, dressed in seaman's clothes and clutching an ocarina.

Ice Grave #4 shows a middle-aged man with blond hair dressed in a naval officer's uniform. He has similar features to the person in Grave 3. A crumpled right sleeve reveals the man is missing his right arm.

Ice Grave #5 shows a very pallid young man wearing spectacles and gentleman's clothes.

All of the victims look pale in complexion. None of them look malnourished or have any evident skin rashes, blemishes or disorders.

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