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"I think it's the aquavit," you say. "The supply log said they were drinking more and more of it in their grog. If it had gone bad somehow, that would explain the deaths."

William frowns. "But then why didn't everyone get sick? Why did the deaths suddenly seem to stop? Why did Harper and those other two sailors get better? If it was caused by aquavit in the grog, you would expect everyone to just get sicker and sicker."

"Everybody drank grog, that's for sure," Claudia points out. "In those days, if the grog ran out, mutiny and riot was not far behind."

"I do believe there's a different answer," William says thoughtfully. He is peering at his piece of paper.

"You keep jotting on that," Claudia observes. "Are you ever going to twig us what it's about?"

"It's a chart," William says. "A chart of the mystery." He lays it on the table, and you and Claudia crowd around him for a look.

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