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CLUE: Supply Roster

1 Feb 1834. Provisions as follows:

Rations of salt pork 2,195
Rations of ship's biscuit 4,322
Rations of porridge 509
Livestock (pigs) none
Other food rations 98
Rations of rum or aquavit 78
Rations of lime juice 483
Firewood 226 days

After grievous losses to disease and misfortune we list our company at 17 as follows: Cpt Torvey, Cmdr Eddington, Mstr Dermot, Lt Harding, plus seamen Addams, Canby, Davies, Folkes, Grigg, Jakkelson, Jones, McAvoy, Quilter, Riordan, Smith, Wylie, plus Miss Torvey as civilian. Upon the Captain's request, to conserve our supply, we have increased the water content of grog from 3/4 to 7/8 parts.

--Signed, A. Canby, Ship's Purser


1 Mar 1834. We supplies willter

Rations of salt pork 4,999
Rations of ship's biscuit 5,0
Rations of pork salt 3,856
Rations of salt pork 2,865
Rations of porridge 431
Livestock (pigs) 431
Other food rations 4
Rations of rum or aquavit 1,673
Firewood 14 sticks

The numbers of the company being impossible to list as there are always one or two more than can be counted.

--Signed, <illegible>

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