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CLUE: Perdita's Diary


Sunday, February 2, 1834. Candlemas. No blessing to be had for us on this day, or any day. The lethargy of the crew is as palpable as the ice walls of our cramped camp tent. It is impossible to take two steps in any direction without colliding with a wall, a furnishing, or some listless soul.

Father spends all day with his bath compass. I fear very much for the health of his mind.

Thursday, February 6, 1834. Lt Harding has quit the tent entirely, preferring the shattering cold to my company I expect. He paces up and down and gazes out across the sea of ice until half-frozen I call him in to the stove. Then in half a minute he is back out again and again I take up my place at the tent flap, lest the cold take him and no one to call for help.

Sunday, February 9, 1834. He is gone now for hours at a time

Monday, February 10, 1834. Suddenly in a rage Master Dermot struck Addams with his cane, but Addams so impassive as not to care. After half a dozen blows the rage left the Master and in half an hour the incident seemingly all forgotten. Except for the teeth, which I picked up later.

Lt Harding coming quite close to me has proposed that we should return to the ship I am afraid the cold has muddled his wits quire entirely

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