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Having trouble? Below are some suggestions for common problems you might encounter during the mystery.


  • The "Go" menu
    If you get lost while reviewing clues, you can always click on the "go" menu at the top of your browser window. This will show you a list of where you've been. Drag down and release your mouse on the page to which you want to return.

  • The "Back" button
    A good way to avoid getting lost is to use your "back" button (at the top of your browser) to return from looking at a clue and use the "footsteps" icon (at the bottom of the page) to move the story along. The footsteps only help you navigate to pages that are adjacent to the page you are on at the moment. "Back" and "Go" can take you to the last page that YOU used, wherever that might have been. This becomes really important as you move through later episodes of the mystery and review(click on) links to clues that are in previous episodes. In those cases, you will need to use "Back" or "Go" to return you from a clue page to the episode you were reading.

  • Links to dictionary terms
    Clicking on a hyper-linked term like "antimony" should link you to the dictionary for the episode you are in. It should also put the dictionary entry you are interested in at the top of the page. However, in some cases the dictionary entry will reside at the bottom of the page so that the page cannot scroll your dictionary entry choice to the top. In this case, you can simply look down the page as you would in a normal dictionary and you should find your entry. If not, just let us know.

  • No footsteps
    If you come to a page that does not have the "footsteps" icon at the bottom, it is not an accident. These are pages at the beginning or end of an episode where it is important to choose a link earlier in the page: choosing a solution, entering a competition, or reviewing clues. If you are on a page with no footsteps and you do not want to choose any of the links previously listed on the page, then click on "Home" in the navigation bar on the left of the page to return to the main screen.

Dictionary Problems

When you click on a word and it takes you to a dictionary, the word you clicked on should appear at the top of the page. If it does not, then it means you are at the bottom of the dictionary and the page can't scroll any lower. If you look down the page, you will see the word on which you clicked.

Lynx browser problems

If you are using a "Lynx", text-based browser, then obviously you will not be able to use the image maps in the mystery to navigate the site. However, below each image map you will find plain-text links that navigate to the same places.

Other questions

If you have other problems with the mystery, please e-mail us.

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