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Hydroponic Culture (Garden) AreaThe upper level is the HYDROPONIC CULTURE AREA. Here is where the bionaut works to cultivate various types of fast-growing plants in hydroponic beds. The beds float on the surface of the pod's water reservoir. The plants produce some food and convert exhaled CO2 to O2.

Aquaculture AreaThe lower level is the AQUACULTURE AREA. Here the bionaut cultivates beds of freshwater aquatic plants and populations of small creatures such as crayfish and snails. The aquaculture area also converts CO2 to O2 and helps keep the water supply clean.

Living AreaThe lower level also contains the bionaut's LIVING QUARTERS. This small cabin is mostly below the water level; in space, the mass of the water will help shield the bionaut from cosmic rays. Inside, there is a living area where the bionaut can relax and entertain other bionauts, plus a bunk, bath, and kitchen. A storage locker holds a six-month supply of food. PLAN VIEW OF LIVING AREA

Continuous LightingThe LIGHTS are on continuously, and bright enough to simulate sunlight in space.

Airlock HatchBeyond the HATCH at the top of the ladder is an airlock, which leads to corridors connecting to other pods. The entire simulation is sealed and no food or air gets in from the outside.

Emergency HatchThe red portal is the EMERGENCY HATCH, which opens automatically if the carbon dioxide level inside the pod rises to 0.5%.