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More often than not, life's mysteries don't involve a bloody dagger or Colonel Mustard. Instead, they revolve around observations and logical thinking, dogged research, and above all the intuition and imagination that turns a tangled muddle of facts into one of the building blocks of human knowledge.

This is why Access Excellence is sponsoring this series of science mysteries. We hope they inspire high school students and the world at large to develop the skills needed to solve mysteries -- not just on paper, but the infinite variety of real life mysteries waiting just outside the classroom door.

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"River of Venom"
April 1997
Update May 2004

Writer-director: Ken Eklund
A free-lance writer since 1984, Ken has been writing scripts for interactive media since 1988. In addition to many corporate projects, he has contributed writing and direction to over a dozen published electronic works, including Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Harbinger, the Eagle Eye Mystery edutainment series for children, and the science mystery portfolio at www.sciencemystery.com. His office is in San Jose, California.

Illustrator: Teofilo Olivieri
A self-taught artist and illustrator, Teo has been freelancing for national publications and ad campaigns since 1986. Clients have included The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Travel & Leisure, and Seventeen. He creates his striking color images in both traditional and electronic media.

Project Coordinator: Kim Obbink
Kim's expertise is in distance learning projects, especially those delivered via the Internet. She has developed many such projects for Access Excellence. Kim is Executive Director of the Burns Telecom Center and the Co-Director of the National Teachers Enhancement Network project at Montana State University.

Access Excellence Liaison: Vivianlee Ward
Webmaster (AE):
Phil Mannle
Web Coordinator (Genentech):
Jody Brookz
Genentech Liaison:
Geoff Teeter


Produced by Genentech. Copyright 1997. All rights reserved.
Update 2004 sponsored by the National Health Museum


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