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We have compressed the entire River of Venom science mystery, so that you can download it and view it from your computer's hard drive instead of via the Internet.

Click on a link below to download. You will need to have software installed on your computer to "unzip," "unstuff" or "extract" (decompress) the files. When decompressed, the River of Venom science mystery will appear as a folder called "River of Venom"; launch your browser and open the file called "index.php" in the main folder to begin the mystery.

Note: external links (to websites such as http://www.accessexcellence.org) and the optional email response feature may not work when you view the science mystery offline.


River of Venom as a ZIP file

River of Venom as a SIT file
(Stuffit File)



To return to "River of Venom,"
use the "back" command on your web browser.