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Who's Who in our story:

You are a character in our story. You've come to help out at a bee research facility deep in the Amazon jungle. It turns out that your first tasks are to solve two deep mysteries!

Jorge is a young man, maybe 21 years old. He assists Dr. Hernandez in running the Al-Muzencab bee research facility.

Dr. Hernandez
Dr. Isabel Hernandez is the biologist in charge of the bee research facility. Her goal is to produce a more docile form of bee, to replace the fierce Africanized bees now common in South and Central America. She is the one that invited you to come and assist with the experiments in bee crossbreeding.

Abel McQuarry is Dr. Hernandez' research assistant. He is Australian.

Clara Schulmann is Dr. Hernandez' field researcher and interpreter. She is Colombian.

Werner and Potto
R. Werner Berger and Potto Nunes maintain the facility's camp. Werner is the camp foreman; Potto is the camp cook and maintenance man. Werner comes from Venezuela; Potto's nationality is unknown.

A Yanomami girl known for her skill with snares and the blowgun.

'Mosca' is the screen name for Norberto Adame Salazar, a TV muckraking journalist from Brazil.

The Chupacabra
"The Goatsucker" is a legendary beast thought to have killed goats and other livestock in Central America and the Caribbean during the mid-'90s. Sightings have dwinded to zero since then, but...


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