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"River of Venom" Science Mystery

As you haul your bag down the path, small sounds grow louder and multiply. Birds screech. Insects chitter and whirr. Plants slap against your leg. And your own breath and blood pound in your ears.

Then, something. A voice. A human voice. Calling something -- what? Calling out your name. "Here!" you shout.

You hear plants being pushed aside. Through the foliage, you glimpse a hat, an arm, the face of a young man.

"I'm here to see Doctor Hernandez," you say.

"Si, of course you are," he replies. He makes no move to take your bag. "We thought you would be here earlier. How long were you in the boat?"

"Three hours."

A tight smile as he turns to go. Continue the Story"Next time, get a faster boat." You follow him down the jungle path.

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