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"River of Venom" Science Mystery

The path leads to a clearing where tents are clustered around a rickety dock. Two men stop their work to stare at you. "You can put your bag in here," the young man says, waving at one of the tents. "And the latrine's over there," he goes on, waving the other way.

He's waiting when you come back out. "Come on," he says. "This way to the lab."

"Some questions," you say, as you follow him down the path. "First, uh..." How do you ask this gracefully? "You have killer bees in the lab, right? What do I need to know about them?"

Never Ever Make Them Angry

He turns and gives you a look. "You don't know?"

"I know you need to run away from them as fast and as far as you can...."

"No no no," he says. "First Continue the Storyyou need to know that you never ever make them angry. And they become angry if you threaten their nest." He walks on for a moment. "They become very VERY angry."

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