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You arrived at the Al-Muzencab Bee Research Facility, deep in the Amazon. A young man named Jorge took you to the lab where they study Africanized bees. Together you discovered the lab's director, Dr. Hernandez, swollen and unconsicious on the floor, surrounded by hundreds of dead bees. One of the hives of "killer" bees had escaped.

When you warned two men in the camp about what had happened, they fled in the camp's only boat. You found a third man, Abel, inside one of the tents, suffering from hundreds of stings on his arms. He claimed the swarm outside had attacked him. To protect yourself, you took a bee hat and gloves from Abel's tent and wore them back to the lab.

You and Jorge determined that Dr. Hernandez was in anaphylactic shock, a severe allergic reaction that insect bites and stings sometimes cause. She had no bee stingers in her, but she had a swollen place under her lip and a pinprick in her upper right arm. You also found a bottle marked "Acetylsalicylic Acid" with four pills missing, a half-eaten dinner of lamb and rice, and a half-squashed bug pinned to a styrofoam block. Jorge identified it as a "kissing bug."

You found a plastic case for an epinephrine syringe, which is the cure for anaphylactic shock, but the case is empty.

Jorge went to check on Abel and to try to find Clara, who speaks the language of the native people in the area, the Yanomami. You browsed through books in the lab, and found out that vampire bats come out only at night and are not venomous; kissing bugs bite people and sometimes cause allergic reactions; and that a fantastic reptilian creature called La Chupacabras (the Goatsucker) was reportedly killing and draining animals of blood in North America in 1996. You also read about how the native Indians of the Amazon hunt animals with blowguns that fire darts tipped with deadly poisons, and you remember seeing a native girl with a blowgun earlier.

Suddenly a group of Yanomami invade the lab and carry Dr. Hernandez away on a blanket. In the spot where she was lying, you find an empty epinephrine syringe with near-fresh blood on the tip.

ContinueJorge returns. Together you must figure out what has sent Dr. Hernandez into anaphylactic shock.

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