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River of Venom

"I think she was stung by a bee," you tell Jorge. But he cuts you off.

"Working in the lab -- she gets stung by a bee every day." He waves his hand dismissively. "This makes her immune to the bee poison. But what is this?" He takes the syringe from your hand. You tell him where you found it.

she gets stung every day

He turns it over and over again in his hands. "I am thinking something. The mark in her arm -- the pinprick. She realizes she is going into shock. She is a doctor -- she knows what to do. She injects herself with the epinephrine, verdad?" He pantomimes with the syringe.

"So," you say. "The pinprick is NOT a blowgun dart -- it is her giving herself the epinephrine."

"Asi es," Jorge says. He hands you back the syringe. "But then what gave her the allergic reaction?"

What do you tell Jorge?

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