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River of Venom

"I think it was the dinner," you tell Jorge. "The lamb and rice. Look, she only got halfway through it."

He picks up the plate of food. "But I am realizing it is not this food," he says. "For one thing, she has had it a thousand times. For another, I remember that lamb and rice are two foods that do NOT give people allergies."

'it is not this food,' he says

He thinks some more. "And I am remembering something else. The vampire bat does not sting or poke, it makes a cut. Like this, no?" He makes a little slashing noise. "And it only comes at night. No, I think we are wrong to blame the vampire bat."

"So what did happen to Doctor Hernandez?" you ask. "What gave her that allergic reaction?"

Jorge shrugs. "No se," he says simply. "You tell me."

What do you tell Jorge?

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