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River of Venom

"I think it was the kissing bug," you tell Jorge.

His eyes widen. "The kissing bug? I do not believe you."

"Why not?" you reply. "Insect bites and stings are one of the most common things that send people into allergic shock."

it KISSES her under the lip

Suddenly Jorge slaps his forehead -- duh! "Por supuesto! That is why the beetle is on the pin! Whenever you get stung, it's wise to keep the body of the thing that stung you. So you can identify it later. Or test it for diseases."

"You said she is a methodical person," you say.

"So let us reconstruct how it was. She is resting perhaps, taking a little siesta, and then she feels the kissing bug. It bites her under the lip. It kisses her."

"She slaps it and crushes it," you agree. "She collects it on the pin. Then her skin starts to get puffy. Her breath starts to wheeze. She knows she is going into anna... anna..."

"Anaphylactic shock," Jorge cuts in. "So she gets the emergency epinephrine. She is left-handed, so she injects it into her right arm."

You nod. "That all fits. But -- what about all these dead bees?"

"Shhhhh," Jorge hisses. "Someone is coming."

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