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"Well, how about -- " you begin, but Jorge clamps a strong hand over your mouth.

Footsteps are drumming down the forest path.

"Apurate," Jorge hisses. "Over here!" He grabs your arm, and together you duck behind the beekeeper suits.

'it is clara,' whispers jorge

Someone enters the lab. Peeking out, you see a woman in khakis with hair pulled back severely into a ponytail. She uses keys to lock the door behind her.

"Clara," whispers Jorge.

The woman surveys the room. She picks up one of the dead bees, examines it for a moment under the light, flicks it away. Then she walks with determination over to a rack of spray bottles. She carefully selects a full one. Then she moves over to the panel protecting the first hive.

"What's she doing?" you whisper to Jorge.

Continue"Matar las abejas," he breathes. To kill the bees.

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