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Sprayed bees

Then Clara stops and looks your way. You and Jorge duck deeper behind the beekeeper suits.

She walks over and stands in front of you.

She selects a beekeeper's hat and puts it on. Then she pulls the suit itself off the hook.

Instinctively, to avoid being seen, you slide in closer to Jorge. But suddenly he lets out a yell, and leaps out of hiding!

the liquid sprays in jorge's face

Startled, Clara aims the bottle and lets fly. The liquid sprays all over Jorge's face, and he staggers back against a table.

"Jorge!" Clara gasps, ripping off the beekeeper's hat. She looks with horror at the bottle. "What have I done?" Jorge is gagging and spitting furiously.

"It is not you," he snarls at Clara. "Es este...este..." Words fail him. One finger stabs in your direction. The other hand massages his rump.

You look down at your hand. ContinueYou are still clutching the epinephrine syringe. "I am so sorry," you say.

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