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microphones and eyeballs

"Tell us who killed the bees!" Mosca urges you again. The cameras focused on you edge a step closer.

"Let's pretend I am the one who wants to kill the bees," you say. "How would I go about doing it?"

"No se," Mosca shrugs. " I do not know."

imagine you are the killer

"You have to get at the hive," you say. "But how can you do that? The door is locked whenever Doctor Hernandez is not here."

Mosca nods. He is listening intently.

"But what if she were to fall asleep? Then you can come in and kill the bees at your leisure."

"The canteen," Jorge says suddenly. "The water."

"Right," you reply. "The water in the canteen marked DOCTOR HERNANDEZ was drugged."

Clara's face materializes out of the darkness. "Jorge brought that canteen to the lab," she crows triumphantly into a microphone.

"But the sleeping potion could have been added beforehand," Mosca protests. "By anyone."

"Right," you say. "So let's go on. Pretend I am the bee killer. I know Jorge took the canteen to the lab. How do I find out when Doctor Hernandez has gone to sleep?"

Continue"Use the bloody intercom," says a new voice. The cameras and lights turn and focus on Abel.

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