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The Blackout Syndrome
Episode Two: Pathogen

The Test Results

CAGE LABEL   Observed Condition of the Mouse
MA Bleeding from the paws
MB Healthy
MC Healthy
F100A Healthy
F100B Healthy
F5A Quite bloody
F5B Healthy
F0A Healthy
F0B Healthy
CWA Bleeding profusely
CYA Healthy
CYB Healthy
CAGE LABEL   Mouse Was Exposed To
MA Evil Milk A
MB Good Milk B
MC No milk at all
F100A Evil Milk A (larger than 10 microns)
F100B Good Milk B (larger than 10 microns)
F5A Evil Milk A (between 10 and .05 microns)
F5B Good Milk B (between 10 and .05 microns)
F0A Evil Milk A (less than .05 microns)
F0B Good Milk B (less than .05 microns)
CWA the white stuff growing in petri dish A
CYA the yellow stuff growing in petri dish A
CYB the yellow stuff growing in petri dish B

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